New Star Wars 'timeline' confuses an old fan

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As a fan of the OT and Legends, I stopped trying to figure out the timeline when they introduced the new sequels.


What are they going to call the time period that follows the last sequel trilogy? The New New Republic?

Also, when was the "Old Republic?

Also, are they actually doing away with BBY/ABY or just clarifying the official names of the time periods, like how we commonly refer to the period of history between 1945 CE and the mid-1960s CE as the “Postwar Era?”


Ugh. Star Wars nerds in the 2000s are as insufferable as Star Trek nerds were in the 1970s. Is there Han/Chewy slash yet?


Is the Old Republic back in canon? I don’t really keep up with the new expanded universe, so I figured it wasn’t on here because the last remnants of the Old Republic had been swept away.


Ha ha ha… “Yet.”

They call it “shipping” now.


its the “HIGH” Republic (because you have to be high to care). Has nothing to do with the Old Republic and is woke era Disney crammed in. It´s pretty much stillborn because nobody cares.

On topic, I don´t give a crap, I will keep on using BBY and ABY. Screw the High Republic and the Sequel Triology.


I think we can all agree that in this system Tom Bombadil showed up after the battle of Yavin, but before the Romulans attack the USS Kelvin


Wait, was that before or after Gallifrey was destroyed in the time war?


To quote Obi Wan:

For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times, before the Empire.

So there’s room for interpretation about what time period that covers but I think the phrase “Old Republic” has always been part of Star Wars canon.


Who created that Time Line? PragerU? There isn’t any measurable scale.


(With a TARDIS, does it matter?)
(I’m joking…)


Oh, yeah, as a phrase it’s been around, but given both he and Tarkin use “old Republic” to refer to pre-imperial rule, I’ve always just taken that more casual usage to be any time before… well before the dark times. Before the Empire. When used as an era, I figure Old Republic means the really old KOTOR Republic.

Now, is that in the films or the entire Star Wars book universe that’s been around for a gazillion years and gave mainstream science fiction authors a chance to write one when they needed a new roof on their house? Gotta be clear.

turns out extrapolating a universe from a few lines of dialogue in an old movie doesn’t work very well


I can’t find anything saying BBY/ABY is going away specifically, just that they added eras to the timeline to dump projects into for clarity.


What, you’re telling me that making the Bith as a species completely based around sound because they appeared as a band in one scene as a background detail was a bad idea?

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It´s pretty much stillborn because nobody cares.

That’s a funny way to spell “five weeks on the NYT bestsellers list” for the first novel and “fourth printing” for the first comics issue. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I didn’t expect to find comments about stories featuring women and BIPoC being too “woke” here on BoingBoing, but the Mandom Fenace is everywhere, I guess.


They have moved away from BBY because the Battle of Yavin, while important to us fans, isn’t the most important in-universe event throughout the hundreds of years of history in the galaxy, so it’s odd for people in stories to use that as a dating system. Meanwhile, in the real world, it’s offputting to general audiences, who remember the Death Star being blown up but probably don’t remember what Yavin is. Maintaining it for a diminishing slice of Expanded Universe fans doesn’t make sense.

The Old Republic does not have any canon stories, but Kathleen Kennedy says they talk about it all the time, so it’ll happen before too long. (Some think that was the cancelled Benioff & Weiss project.)

that’s because the scale never made any sense anyway.

or it did, maybe, until the prequels compressed what seemed to be an epoch ( epic? ) history into the span of less than 30 years.

who are those jedi? never heard of them. oh, you mean those (mostly) guys who were a key part of galactic government up until the time you were five. i thought you meant some other jedi whom nobody had ever heard of.