Highly invasive New Guinea flatworm spotted in U.S

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Chekov: Oh, sir, it was Khan! We picked him up on Ceti Alpha Five… He put… creatures… in our bodies… to control our minds. He made us… say lies… do things.


It likes to eat mollusks… maybe it will make it to the Great Lakes and eat all the Zebra mussels?

But I do feel bad for all the gorillas that will freeze.


So, y’know how ‘■■■■■’ is a canonically much-hated word?

That thing is a damned ■■■■■ elemental, writhing in satisfaction at its own hideousness. A loathsomely refulgent membrane just bulging with unclean biological slime.

If I had any thermobaric munitions, I’d probably sleep with one under my pillow, just for reassurance.


Yet another reason ‘globalisation’ ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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Don’t give Florida Man any ideas.

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