Hilarious mashup of Tom Clancy's "Jack Ryan" and "The Office"


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That’s really good.

I want one with more Clancy novels. What about Red October and, say… Finding Nemo?


Yup, I’d watch that.

ETA: Debt of Honour & Pillow Talk


How about Spongebob?


Sum of All Cheers.
Rainbow Six and the City.
Clear and Present Anger Management.

I’m done…


How about a mashup of Patriot Games and Darby O’Gill and the Little People?


Without Remorse & Anna and the King of Siam


Can even just clock the series through… Immanence Mom maybe, Arrival Wire, [blanks on what Clancy’s series were, except Splinter Cell videogames maybe as Wings Splinter Cell or Family Ties Splinter Cell or Ozzie & Harriet & Orphan Black,] CSI Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.


(Self: notes the apostrophe-ess after the author’s name, then watches it.)

Seems legit. It’s certainly bad enough.

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