Hilariously twisted and kind of Satanic retro t-shirt designs

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Do want!!!


who’s really still wearing ringers?

Would 100% wear any of those shirts.

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I saw this episode of TNG before…


I believe that you have put your finger squarely on why these shirts are ringers.

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I dunno, I kinda wish the pentagram on the side of the storefront was upside down…I suppose that’s part of the charm.

My friend Toby wears his around proudly.


I had a tee embroidered with a medusa
but kinda got locked up in copyright legalese

I feel like there’s a pun in here somewhere

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…so do I :slight_smile:

I just watched the ellen scares sketch for taylor swift

…but then ellen said that taylor swift wants to trade mark a tee about her coming to the phone…

which kind of reels up on the item in question in a long/short of the episode

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