Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden

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Can HRC deliver any voters? She can certainly alienate some. If I were Biden, I would not be anxious to have her stumping for me.


They don’t get it, they can’t get it, and they won’t get it.


I’m just waiting for her to be selected as VP. This is the worst timeline, so it feels inevitable.


has he announced her as VP yet? lol


Actually, Joe’s going to reach across the isle and pick Sarah Palin. Why not in this timeline? Maybe he’ll pick up some MAGA votes


She’ll deliver a small number with this endorsement, but one hopes she’ll leave things there and not actively campaign. Few Dems want to be reminded of how her campaign blew it in 2016, and Uncle Joe will be offering up plenty of tone-deaf statements that are dismissive of young people and progressives without her adding her own.

The only thing that gives me hope is that she’s at an age when being VP is no longer a realistic stepping stone to the Oval Office. If a political office doesn’t serve her ambition, she doesn’t try to claim it.


I like to imagine he saw her on Masked Singer and thought she was a real firecracker. Just what his campaign needs.


Thanks for the endorsement!

Realistically, I think the Democrats are dribbling these out endorsements intentionally slowly in a desperate attempt to keep Biden in the news. With the primary over, the “liberal” media have felt released to return their attention to their one true love, anxiously reporting on every little piss dribble on Trump’s elastic-band slacks.


I guess the Dems think Hillary will help mollify those voters who are concerned about Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations… But it can’t be papered-over that easily and those allegations will make it extremely hard for Joe to find a VP of good conscious… What up-and-coming politician will want to hitch their star to Biden at this point?

I can’t tell if the Dem’s don’t actually want to beat Trump or are just doing an abysmal job of managing their own primary.


I have no abiding love for HRC, but to be fair to her, what do we prefer she’d do? Would we prefer she not endorse him and turn it into its own issue?


Right now Trump is very successfully hanging himself with every inch of rope he gets. Sadly, it does mean he dominates the news cycle.

I think an HRC endorsement is one of those things to be gotten out of the way early. This allows Old Joe to avoid any claims that ‘even Hillary won’t support him’ while also allowing the endorsement to be lost in the ongoing crazyfest the next time Trump forgets to take his Ambien and his minders forget to take his phone away before he goes on the shitter.


Why not Ivanka?


Well duh.

She sure as shit wasn’t going to endorse Trump.

Why she needs to endorse anyone I don’t really know.


Honestly if she hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t even have thought about it. No one has even been talking about why she’s been withholding an endorsement or why she’s waiting so long.


Where the f is Joe Biden? We have heard about the endorsements. Trump’s self-meltdown is easy picking for any competent opposing politician, especially in an election year. Many days ago he has been fairly credibly accused of sexual assault, which he hasn’t addressed. Red flags are starting to show.


Quite possibly the best, troll-iest option would be for her to endorse Trump. To go all in. To say, “My old friend Donald has gone above and beyond his role as a secret Democrat. He has ruined any credibility the Republican party had left over from Bush. He’s forever associated the GOP with white supremacy. He’s shown that the Republican party will support and endorse a traitor if it means tax cuts for the rich. A vote for Donald in 2020 is a vote for destroying the last vestiges of the Republican party.” Throw in some appearances on Fox News, praising Trump’s awful track record, and watch the sparks fly.


I would say that 98% of it is happening as intended, by design. Hillary will be VP. Joe Biden will die in office. She will be president. There’s nothing you can do – it has already been decided by God herself.

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Was anyone really waiting with bated breath to see who the candidate who fucked 2016 up this badly would endorse?


I think you underestimate the role America’s rampant misogyny played in what occurred in 2016.