Hillary Clinton on cover of New York Times Magazine




Reminds me of “Cassandra” from Dr. Who.


It’s always interesting seeing a cult of personality develop, even if it is on the same lines as Obama’s…

So last week she was Nancy Archer, and this week she’s Mogo?

Someone who really hates her approved that layout.


Huh, first thought out of my mine is that she’ll probably be asking to be moisturized.


I came here to find this. Bravo.

It’s ripe for meme-ification

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you beat me to it.

i’m the moon.

Was that layout a conscious reference to Ego the Living Planet or just a coincidence?

Charlie Brown?

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This is hardly Hillary Clinton’s first day at the rodeo, but do you really find it interesting to watch people personalize politics? What is interesting about lazy thinking?

At least she has moved on from threatening the vaporization of earth with her eye-lasers:

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The smile is from knowing she will soon be drinking the blood of your children.

It’s interesting because it’s not just ‘lazy thinking’. The ‘LZ’ is only part of the pattern we’re locked in that keeps the status quo in place that frustrates and infuriates people so much. Other things I observe are include Party Loyalty, i.e. Bubble People, Resignation, etc. People want change but really don’t like the discomfort of initiating the process. It’s like a nationwide episode of “Hoarders” for me…

Does anyone else think she looks a lot like the Moongina?

Tom Tomorrow (This Modern World) has my favorite take yet,