Hillary Clinton’s funeral plans, and how to be like Donald Trump, in this week’s dubious tabloids

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Or so he wanted us to think!

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  1. Inherit hundreds of millions of dollars.

(That’s actually the whole list.)


Bah! Scientology is bad enough without making stuff up. They could have covered secret base rancid taco explosions!

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You don’t think creative use of bankruptcy court played a part?

Clinton’s ashes should be ground superfine and spread across the entire midwest. Ought to be good for ten senate seats.

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In other news: Three Card Monte is rigged, and hookers don’t really love you.

You s-o-b. You moved the cemetery but you left the emails, didn’t ya? You s-o-b. You left the emails and you only moved the headstones. You only moved the headstones. Lies. Lies.

Please stop promoting this garbage on boing boing. Even if you’re ‘being ironic’ its still giving voice to them.

In the very least, LEARN HOW TO CLIP YOUR POSTS in the blog feed! …it doesn’t seem to be a problem for nearly every other contributor, and you’re not new.


I agree. Comics made a thing out of Trump don’t do the same BB for tabloids. You can’t hoist them up; they only can pull you down.

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Thank you. These posts are so pointless.


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