Hillary nails Trump's "rigged game" pathological mindset in 2016 debate clip

Originally published at: Hillary nails Trump's "rigged game" pathological mindset in 2016 debate clip | Boing Boing


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And yet people still say she didn’t do enough, when she basically told us exactly what would happen


OMFG there is no way in a normal country Hillary would have lost to this asshole


wow. can the lincoln project just make this into an ad already?

edit: ok, i was lazy and just named a political advertisement organization. i’m all for ANYONE making this into an ad.


I would rather a Democratic group do that. I am so tired of the Lincoln Project. Bunch of Reagan Republicans who are as responsible for Donald Trump as anyone. I’ve said it before, I do not trust them. At all.


Yeah but her emails.

Hell yes, Hillary. Whatever mistakes she may have made during her campaign, she had her opponent absolutely nailed and understood exactly what he was about. It’s a shame the American public didn’t rise to the bare minimum level of intelligence she (and most of us) assumed from them when she was making statements like this. She underestimated just how breathtakingly stupid, hateful and deluded a massive chunk of the USA was, but until Trump was elected, I think most of us did, even the more cynical among us.

As for the New Thought movement and its countless offshoots and revivals like The Secret/Law of Attraction, it’s hard to comprehend the degree to which this magical thinking has rotted the brains of people over the decades. I remember a time when consumers of New Age woo and alternative medicine were generally assumed to be left-wing hippy types, but the moment Trump started speaking their language, they flooded over to the same side as ultraconservative prosperity gospel nuts and racist conspiracy theorists. Now, after the politicization of COVID 19 and the right’s embrace of antivaxxing, the Venn diagram between New Age kooks and MAGAs is almost a circle, even if they’re not quite the same flavor of MAGA as the gun-toting tacticool crowd.


I hope the Stein voters continue to be really fucking happy with themselves. Also James Comey. Fuck that guy.


I ‘look forward’ to the day that I run into my ex-manager who smugly told me he wasn’t voting for either candidate in 2016, because he despised them both equally; as they were each ‘just as bad as the other.’

I remember him asking glibly ‘what I was so worried about*.’

I just want to look him in the eye and say:

“Look around, muthafucka. THIS is what I what I was worried about.”

*It was worse than I ever imagined, of course.


You can go back to Bush vs. Dukakis but yeah, it’s gotten much worse.



Hillary was the most qualified Presidental candidate ever and would have been the best President ever. She lacked a certain likability for fragile masculinity types, but there is no one sharper.

Life is unfair. People know that. Ironically the white priveledge pull yourself up from your bootstraps crowd really likes whining about bad their plight is. They hate minorities not because they hate them, but because they’re jealous that they don’t have a legitimate reason for their own failings. Trump gives that feeling voice. The system is rigged against me a supposed billionaire and it is rigged against you too. We can win against the riggers! It’s sad.


You mean, someone with a lifetime career of public service and diplomacy knows how to read people well?

I would say that more than compensates for any mistakes made in campaigning. Imagine how differently meetings with Putin would have gone. I’m sure Ukraine has wondered about that.


Weird how Mrs. Clinton is always referred to by her first name, as opposed to 45, who is almost always referred to by his last name.

Why is that? :face_with_monocle:



And I am sick and tired of pretending otherwise. The hope was alive in 2016. And when things went to shit, the blame fell in all the wrong places. We learned something about America that fateful day in November, not about Clinton.


To be fair, it’s hard when two people from the same family with the same last name are being referred to regularly because of their public positions.

John Adams and John Quincy Adams, FDR and Teddy…whatever it takes to distinguish between them.

This is the one example where I’ll give a pass to referring to a woman by her first name rather than surname.


So much of who Donald Trump is, isn’t a secret, it’s on display 24/7.

The people who love him are as delusional as he is.


She could easily be called HRC to avoid the appearance of misogyny…


Ah, yes, good point!

So, I’m going to start doing that. Thanks!


I don’t know. Maybe if we have a good decker and a street samurai on our team.