Watch Hillary Clinton's presidential victory speech

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God, this is embarrassing.


Sorry. No sympathy for Hillary. Such hubris!


I’ll give her credit for apologising during the concession speech. Usually she’s like the Fonz, unable to acknowledge that she was “wrrr-wrrr-wrrr …wrrr-wrrr-wrrr … [mumbled] wrong”. I guess at that point even she couldn’t pretend her campaign was bungled so badly that she managed to lose to America’s foremost public grifter.


i ain’t listening to all that
i’m happy for u tho
or sorry that happened


Butter emails…


I still think people are so eager to throw her under the bus that they’ll ignore misogyny that also tanked her run… but what do I know…


I agree there were a whole bunch of contributing factors to her loss she had no need to apologise for, misogyny large among them. I also know that her campaign was a long series of screw-ups driven by arrogance, a sense of entitlement, and hiring on the basis of loyalty instead of competence. That’s what she’s apologising for in the concession speech.


This is such post truth poetry it’s blowing my mind.

I’m getting a sense of Frankenstein except the creator (I’m blaming the entire democratic party and not just their once champion) is victim without any sense of guilt.


Which is often true of any political campaign, though women get called out more often then men for, you know… everything. I still believe that misogyny was the main driving force, whatever Clinton’s own failings. Her campaign was not anymore corrupt or screwed up than any other politicians. She just was guilty of the crime of being a typical politician and a woman.


So this is new? she’s done this now, not a leaked video from before the election?


I’d like to thank our staff in Michigan in particular for their hard work under challenging circumstances. A lot of people might have criticized our strategy choice of ignoring our own internal polling that showed we had no margin for error, and if we’d lost, we’d probably have looked pretty foolish for whistling past the graveyard on this one.

Some local Democrats tried to tell us that we were in serious trouble there, but obviously our hyper-competent campaign staff led by John Podesta knew better and we were proven right in the end.

Things were a little closer than we’d have hoped, but thank goodness we were willing to run a flexible, evidence-based campaign rather than stubbornly sticking to strategies that were more concerned with the dynastic consolidation of power within the party than energizing and mobilizing the general electorate.

Here’s to the next four years!


Yeah, that’s the key. Every political campaign makes mistakes, even the ones that won. Her campaign made missteps or miscalculations, sure. So did Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s and every other Presidential campaign in living memory. But she also had to deal with misogynist nonsense that literally no other major-party candidate in American history had to contend with, and that was more than enough to tip the final electoral college count to Trump.


I voted for her while holding my nose. Cuz neoliberalism stinks when you get right down to it.


Not just her, but the whole Democratic party establishment. She was their chosen candidate no matter what the voters wanted. They had polling showing she was the candidate most likely to lose to trump and they still forced her through.

Although I was dissapointed on election night, I wasn’t surprised. I’m not sure there’s much more the Democratic party could have done to ensure their loss.


Patton Oswalt said it well



Spoken like a true white person. America really is pretty fucking racist too. Doesn’t seem worthwhile trying to claim it’s more one than the other.

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Not to mention it’s flattening the whole situation down to one issue.

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A friend of min works with rural electric cooperatives. He’d been saying for months that the former guy would win and none of us believed him.

When I look back, it’s pretty obvious - some states were taken for granted and not visited. The “basket of deplorables” comment went over like a lead balloon in my home county in PA.

To be fair, there were a lot of shenanigans about her health and but her emails, etc. And misogyny - don’t forget misogyny!

But I think you are correct. The Democratic Party establishment keeps shooting itself in the foot.


i mean, compared to who she was running against?

the republican campaign for presidency ran like a well oil machine, with no gaffes and no missteps. none of the usual political or monied corruption we normally see

if they hadn’t had such a perfect candidate, so always on point and put together, so free from all the shrillness - im sure she would’ve won

i mean, i guess it’s possible it was never about policy or integrity… but what could the difference be? :thinking:

( it is hard to write sarcastically about what’s his name. it hurts to even think of him )