Hillary v. Trump, the Recount Battle


If Hillary and Donald go head to head in the election, it could be a very close race.

Imagine a repeat of the 2000 presidential election with Bush v. Gore decided by weeks of recounts and court battles. It was already a circus, but imagine what it would be like if it were Hillary vs. Trump. And imagine that the Supreme Court battle happens in the current environment, with Judge Scalia’s death and the fight to replace him. And a Tea Party that didn’t exist in 2000.

By all means, scream as long as you want. I’ll wait.

What headlines and Trump tweets would you expect to see?


The Aristocrats!


Nope. Not gonna worry about this now. Not even gonna envision it for a second.

I need a reason to live.


Canadian Military to Evacuate Canadian Seniors From Florida


Wait that’s already real.


When bush2 got reelected I was sad but had a good job with good bennies at the time and just punting didn’t seem like a great option over just riding out the 4 years and hoping. The idea of Trump as a president just makes me feel physically ill.



Battle to dig up Judge Scalia to rule on Hillary vs. Trump in the Supreme Court, reaches the Supreme Court


Trump Demands that Florida Ballots Inexplicably Marked For ‘Jeb Bush’ Be Counted For Trump.


Ted Cruz fought on the Bush side in the Bush v. Gore court battles. In Hillary v. Trump, would he:

a) Fight for Trump as the Republican candidate

b) Oppose Trump, trying to save the Republican Party from him

c) Beg for his Canadian citizenship back


Zombie Scalia seeks brains!!!
Move aside Clarence!!


I’d be tempted to leave them there unless we have a reliable way to sort out which ones are happy Trump won.

d) Argue that he won?


That’s actually the trajectory Trump is on, though, right? There’s no “PS, this only works if you are nice” rider on that quotation.


He would, wouldn’t he.

Or he could lead Texas to secede. Could Americans trust him to remain loyal to the country when it was so easy for him to renounce the country of his birth?


Let me flip that around for you, could Americans trust someone who was quick to renounce citizenship in Canada? I think so!

Maybe secession is the answer. I mean, America is composed of lost of different people who were kind of forced together into one mega-nation by colonialists more than a hundred years ago (exceptions noted). Colonialists they voted for, I’ll admit.


Voting limited not just to white males, but to white male land owners.


Ya, verily. It just disturbs me as I don’t see Gandhi as being on-brand for Drumpf. I receive it as a cynical attempt to co-opt a positive meme in service of his faux underdog status.

I swear to god if he starts using MLK quotes…


It’s not even a Gandhi quote, is it? One of those misattributed ones…


snopes concludes misattributed

Gandhi’s Freedom’s Battle quote seems close enough to be a spiritual grandparent of the sentiment that I can see why so many, including me, wrongly attribute it.


Plutocrat vs. Dictator: Whoever wins, we’re doomed.