Hiroshima police are on the lookout for the person who threw a paper airplane into its atomic bomb monument

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Sounds like it is someone suffering from schizophrenia. They sometimes write weird rambling things like this that make sense only to them.


I visited there, my humbleness at the gravity of the location slowly gave way to anger the more I read the war apologist propaganda…

“America dropped the bomb on us because the US government had spent so much money on developing the bomb, they had to justify the expense, and then we lost our ‘colonies’ in Korea.”


Something similar happened in June 2021.

Someone taped a sheet of paper to the cenotaph reading, “Today 18:27 Meteor on Yoshiura” and below that “8/8 8:15 Sapporo.” They caught the guy who did it then. It was an unemployed 44 year old from the Hiroshima suburb of Kure (which has a district called Yoshiura).


Looks like an Article 188 violation to me.

Another example. Some of the notes left in the tv, if I remember correctly, seem to reference a railroad car number and the Kennedy assassination. If you ever find yourself in St. Joseph, Missouri, I highly recommend a trip to the Glore Psychiatric Museum. It’s fascinating, disturbing, and educational.


When did you go?

I went in 2018 and I thought the tone was more accepting of Japan’s role in the war. I’ve heard from others who went years before that the tone of the messaging was as you said.

Maybe the messaging has changed?


A couple of years ago, I got a call from a long-lost friend of my brother – I hadn’t thought of this guy in 30 years – and he left me this detailed, thoughtful, and completely bonkers voice mail that started with a claim that he and Obama were brothers (they in fact shared the same birthday I later figured out) as they were grown in the same vat in Area 51… and this rant went on for like 30 minutes… it had all the usual X-Files, mind control, Illuminati stuff…

But what it also was was completely consistent – like all the pieces of this conspiracy fit with one another. This was exactly the world as he saw it. He was deluded, but he was not consciously lying.


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