His Dream of Skyland, a mysterious and touching journey through opium-drenched colonial Hong Kong

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/08/31/kowloons-unpersons.html

Top Shelf has reprinted the first volume of Anne Opotowsky and Aya Morton’s groundbreaking 2011 book His Dream of Sky Island, an indescribably gorgeous graphic novel set in British-ruled Hong Kong: it’s a tale that ranges over cruelty and dignity, love and venality, unspeakable crimes and unstoppable bravery.


So KWC back when it still had walls. Before it was a sort of post apocalyptic, high density urban “libertarian paradise”

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Wow! Really liking this. Thanks for posting about it.

(btw @doctorow there seems to be some confusion in your post as to the title of the work. It looks like you’ve turned “the Skyland” into “Sky Island” a couple of times. I mention it because it seems if you’re going to the trouble of praising someone’s work, it’s worth it to get it right, no? Out of respect for the creators, and so your readers will remember the title correctly and be able to find it in the future, I think it would be worth the trouble to edit and fix :slight_smile: )

Thanks again for posting about it!


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