History of cart racing games

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The Disney Magical Racing tour was the best, though… they did the maps pretty faithful to the rides, and I’d love going in to practice mode and just exploring the Pirates or Haunted Mansion and see the level of detail (for a PS 2/3 game) they put into it.

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That’s the sad story of so many things. Beanie Babies is the first that springs to my mind.

I’ve enjoyed a few cart racers, but it’s not my favorite gaming go-to. I may be misremembering, but I swear at one point I got a Nickelodeon themed cart racer for my daughter because she really liked the Rugrats.

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crash team racing was the best, happy to help

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Cart racing games will always remind me of President Donald J. Trump’s penis. Thanks Trump.

Look, if you were making a tie-in game in that era and didn’t want a platformer, you made a cart racer. Or, if you already had a successful platformer, you branched out and made a cart racer. It’s completely logical.

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