The disturbing world of bootleg Disney's Frozen games



I’m not sure if it’s Disney’s fault. There has to be some kind of codicil to Rule 34, regarding bizarre games. I’m willing to be there are messed-up T.J. Hooker games out there, somewhere, festering in the void. There are games of everything.

It is Disney’s fault because everything is Disney’s fault. Them and Monsanto.


You have a point. I have long suspected Mickey may be the Beast of Armageddon. But this place is swarming with his minions.

Mickey Minion. Oh for someone with photoshop skilz!

Wow, these are hilariously awful. I wonder what the target demographic for them is supposed to be. Did anyone involved even think that far ahead?

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The target demographic is tired parents whose kid has been saying “Can you put an Elsa game on my tablet?” for days.

Do these people really want to be giving their kids that spank Elsa game?

No, they don’t. But they also don’t want to click every Google result and see if it is OK. These games tend to evade most web censor products.

OK, that one probably has a different audience.


These aren’t even games. They’re like clicking through a torture-filmstrip.

Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

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