Disney's Frozen 2 teaser trailer

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Looks like she might be stuck on a deserted island. Please, please tell me they went to find their brother… Tarzan.

Otherwise, I’ll probably skip this one.


Please more Frozen Olaf, and less Frozen Adventure Olaf.

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The plot found on google is a very generic…Elsa the Snow Queen and her sister embark on an adventure far away from the kingdom of Arendelle.

The teaser trailer reminds me of every perfume/cologne commercial. Leaves me asking “WTF was that and what are they trying to sell me again?” Because it made little sense.

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I came totally expecting the same teaser trailer they showed at the end of Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet. (I won’t spoil that for those who haven’t seen it but it’s definitely worth the wait through the credits).

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Fan plot idea: Stranded on a small island in the North Atlantic, Elsa accidentally freezes herself in an iceberg and floats through the seas in a cryogenically preserved state for centuries before finally awaking in the modern era where she finally meets her true love and partner: Lucius Best.

That’s right. Elsa is actually Frozone’s unseen wife “Honey” from the Incredibles movies.


Trailer did exactly what a teaser should do: give you hints, show you very little, take an unexpected turn, while making you curious about what it all means.


I dig the concept, but it has one flaw.

Honey is definitely not a Norwegian blonde lady.

That’s all well and good, but this is the Frozen that I want to see:


As perpetually sad as I am at the loss of Disney’s traditional animation department, which seems to be permanently relegated to making end-credits sequences for their 3D films, I’m glad that the level of craft they pioneered is still very much on display in the tiny, subtle things like Elsa’s nigh-imperceptible “I got this” nod just before she turns away to get ready for her first run at the sea. All the technological wizardry and whiz-bang effects aside, that attention to detail continues to be what sets their films (and Pixar’s, to be sure) apart from the pack.

Also, more Sven, please. Sven is the best.

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Well goddamn Disney makes great… trailers.

I watched a couple 90s era disney movies the other day. I do miss that at all. Digital animation has ruined me.

Oh they do…DO THEY?!?


I stand by my statement.

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You are a brave brave soul.

because seriously…DO THEY?

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For an ice Princess that is one hot woman. Wow.

No comedy sidekick stinger joke? No complete non-sequitur trailer? You sure this is a Disney animated movie teaser?

Please no olaf at all. Horrible character. Shudder

The whole movies are rather awful but that stupid grinning snowman was like nails on a blackboard. Especially the 20th time my daughter wanted to see it.

Also please stop with the horribly deformed impossibly thin bug-eyed ‘hot’ disney princesses.

Disney. Making girls hate their body since 1937.

I’m guessing Will Smith or some higher-up said “if we’ve got Will Smith it’s gonna look like Will Smith!”. The Genie animation was mediocre at best and looks like something they put together as a test; I’m certainly hoping that the end result will be more um… animated? Because compared to even stuff from a few years ago (Jungle Book, Beauty & the Beast), this is lacking.

Ah, there’s that patented bitter BoingBoing cynicism.