Kate McKinnon portrays Elsa as gay in SNL's 'Frozen 2' spoof

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Kate McKinnon is a national treasure, her Lindsay Graham this week killed me. This sketch is ok.


I feel like a Debbie Downer sitting here in my foreign country pointing out that you’re posting links to videos that the “uploader has not made available” in (all?) other countries than the US. I feel like it could conceivably have an effect on the copyright owners’ bottom line if people refused to link to geo-blocked videos out of principle, but I can’t imagine how you’d get linkers on board or even aware, when they just want to share the laughs.

I’m curious about the breakdown of Boingboing’s readership around the world actually, have you guys ever released statistics?


I love Kate McKinnon even more than I love Tina Fey.




There was something for everybody


BB keeps posting video links that are geo-locked.

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How would one know from inside the geo-lock that a video is locked?


Happy mutants are supposed to know how to circumvent geolocking.

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right wingers freak out about SNL saying they insult our beloved President meanwhile I’ve seen enough out of them to be unhappy as a “SJW” so its just a case of them trying to shit on everyone and calling it humor

as a side note however I have heard from past writers for SNL that some guests push the humor in one direction or another, or refuse skits they might not like etc, and although this skit looks like its an insult to ‘woke’ people its also a dig at Disney so thats not so bad lol. the skit at the end of the episode was as ‘woke’ as you can get from an NFL playin host I guess.

Frozen 2 did a pretty good job of portraying Elsa as gay

A lot of people thought the original Frozen did a pretty good job of portraying Elsa as gay.

I imagine a lot of people here haven’t seen the movie, but the vibe that Elsa and Honeymaren are interested in each other is pretty obvious. It’s not given any focus in the story, but there’s also basically exactly zero point from a storytelling perspective to even have that character in the movie.

Tons of people feel like they have to hide who they are from family and friends. Hiding magical powers has been interpreted as a very thin veil over hiding being gay or being trans (and second movie adds hiding your race or cultural heritage to the mix). Queer people have been claiming Elsa since the first movie. Disney is playing coy about it in official statements. They may not have the guts to officially give Elsa a girlfriend, but the fact that they didn’t give Elsa a boyfriend speaks pretty loudly for itself after two movies.


Her ability to become characters is amazing. She’s a freaking chameleon.


Honeymaren looks at Elsa like Sven looks at carrots so this makes total sense.


Elsa’s giving Honeymaren the bedroom eyes.


Having not seen frozen 2 I thought that was a picture of anna and elsa. Its a problem when you make all the female characters look exactly like one another.


I think those two will be just fine.

I never really thought of it that way before. That certainly makes for an interesting way to view a lot of Disney movies and other fantasy stories too.
Once Upon A Time was on ABC, which is owned by Disney, so might be the closest we’ll get for a while.

I loved that show, but there were only 6 seasons, not 7 :wink:

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They were pushing that metaphor pretty strongly in the first couple of X-Men movies, especially given the political landscape at the time the first movie came out in 2000. Senator Kelly had a few choice quotes that were basically lifted from right-wing talking points about LGBT people (i.e. “Now I think the American people deserve the right to decide if they want their children to be in school with mutants. To be taught by mutants!”).



I remember the “Have you tried not being a mutant?” thing, and Ian McKellen being Magneto was a good Fuck You to that attitude - I just don’t think I’ve seen it in the sword-and-sorcery setting before, but I may not have been looking for it.


The whole powers-as-a-metaphor-for-gay thing is something I probably wouldn’t know about were it not for having a (considerably) younger sister who follows fellow feminist theory graduates on instagram (my way of saying I’m too old to know anything). But apparently there were (I hope light-hearted) arguments about whether gay or trans people had a stronger claim to Elsa.


I imagine asexual folks could stake a claim too considering she’s the first Disney Princess who never exhibited even a flicker of romantic interest. (Even Merida’s eyes started to perk up when she thought that muscle-bound warrior dude was being offered as a potential suitor.)

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