“Hitchhiker,” by Korean girl pop band 11: either the best or worst music video ever



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I need something to get that taste out of my ears.


The goose is weird.


Yeah. . . I’m going to watch some Japanese game shows to try to get my pulse rate down. . .


I dunno. I kinda liked it.


I’m probably missing a joke… should this not be

“11” by Korean girl pop band Hitchhiker: either the best or worst music video ever.

Its probably also safe to remove ‘girl pop’ as well.


I’m not sure its worth sharing. Sure its weird, and noisy but that’s about it. o.o Also, for a digital music video its a bit too obvious. Not to mention the CGI was pretty terrible.




I like it. They’ve taken the uncanny valley and turned it into a rave. I’ll be surprised if those suits don’t show up at the burn next year. :clock730:
Works way better with big subs, btw.


If you know what’s up, you can find the fun in this! Very Diplo.


Feels Good, like a blend of MTV’s Amp and AS’s Xavier.


I’m glad I watched the music video, because the music by itself wouldn’t make any sense without the visuals.


“Not to mention the CGI was pretty terrible.”
That’s like complaining that Mickey doesn’t really look like a mouse.



I love the living avatar-people in the second video… one guy is acting perfectly natural in his black metal/king diamond face paint… the other lady is dripping with blood… no big deal. There is so much “Second Life” aesthetic here.

Maybe it’s a comment on how Kpop stardom is also seen as a sort of manufactured virtual reality


I don’t know how to process these. I don’t have that kind of mental capacity.


Needs more Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.


Very Much So


I love it as a statement kind of art.

Apparently you have to be fluent in three languages (en, fr, kr) in order to get the jokes in the second vid.


Not too sure I even want to play this yet because my first thought was, “Is that silver-guy Psy from Gangnam Style?” Lord knows, that was annoying enough.