Girl Talk's first official video: the ultraviolent "Tolerated"




Only appreciable with the sound muted.


You sir, sound like a hater.


Ugly. Just ugly. And not in a good way.


It is not worthy of my or anyone's hate. It's just repulsive sounds masquerading as music, worthy only of derision.


I can see the people this song is about are weighing in here on boing boing.

If there's one thing I hate, it's haters.


You mad? Yeah, you mad.


this video is cool!

I didn't listen to the music though--you've heard one girl talk mash-up, you heard 'em all.

that guy starred at my dick in the Highland Ballroom men's room at the after party for his show, maybe 5 years ago. he was super fucked up on something. I didn't realize it was him until I mentioned it to my friends. "that's him, that's Girl Talk." and then we all cracked up.


I never particularly liked Freeway, but I enjoyed this.



Mod note: Everyone keep it in their pants.


Days like this remind me that Cosmopolitan was once a literary magazine...


Like a donkey being raped with a bagpipe.


Huh, I'd never heard Girl Talk before, and had been led to believe they were really sonically intense. This sounds like regular hip-hop to me. It's just string samples over a bass beat with some rapping.

But I like Swans, so maybe I'm jaded to what other people think of as "noise".


Hater haters gonna hate haters.


You know what, if there's one thing I can appreciate it's finely nuanced violence, and this video has it in spades! Enjoyed every blood-soaked second, and the escalation of violence as the imagined slights increased. Plus they totally delivered when I muttered to myself "rip that guy's head off and use it like the basketball you just threw away."


it's haters all the way down!


Girl Talk can stare at my dick if he wants.


But it's just pretend violence. It's easy to see how fake that arm is, for instance.


The video was awesome, and I liked the song ok. But I was deeply disappointed because I was expecting some actual mashup. Girl Talk's genius is munging together 20 or 30 classic tracks into one. This was pretty much run-of-the-mill hip hop. Fun to watch though.