Hitler and Stalin sing "Video Killed the Radio Star"

And the bit about how the central committee couldn’t find a good doctor to treat Stalin because he had a lot of the doctors in Moscow arrested and tortured.

It is worryingly believable that Trump would do the same.


I’m a moderator on a small Discord server and I can confirm the appearance (and deletion) of this video. Someone saved and re-uploaded the video. Ironically, that someone was Polish. :man_shrugging:

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So… What does it mean? Does it mean it’s OK for descendants of victims to use that meme? Like that article stated, I’m afraid about far-right using it too. (Honest question.)

Given the right wing turn in Poland (and the attempts by Putin to rehabilitate the repuation of Stalin in recent years and how he’s probably influential on the Polish right now), I don’t think it’s that surprising.


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