Reporter sings Happy Birthday to German chancellor and no-one joins in




So this is like… the German Marilyn Monroe?


This is not the German birthday song I learned in middle school German class!


Awkward! This reminds me of that time G.W. Bush started rubbing Merkel’s shoulders and nobody else stepped up to start the orgy.


No one else wanted to wade into the murky copyright and performance rights regulations surrounding Happy Birthday.


I don’t know… Dubya never seemed like an orgy kind of guy… he seemed like a “treat everyone like one of the fellas” kind of guys. He far too often came off as a deer in headlights type to me, like he was just saying what he was told to say.

But the look of horror on her face is utterly priceless.

I wonder if it exists in gif form?

Edited to add: Also, when did you become a leader, dear leader! :wink:


Well, not when nobody else seems to want a good time.

That’s just a warning to let people know that my posts contain unsafe amounts of deadly lead.


Sure thing, dear leader! Stay away from school children, then. And pregnant women.


…as she diplomatically says, “Ah yes mister Bush, zat feels marvellous, you can stop now.”


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