Watch this incredible (and disturbing) baby Trump deepfake

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I’ve posted before that whenever I see these BB headlines written in the imperative mood (I assume everyone went to the same SEO seminar), my reflex is always “don’t tell me what to do!”

But in this case, for real: no.


I am red from laughing so hard.

Someone please play this at his next rally (coronavirus “briefing”), I bet he’d completely lose his shit on live TV.

This man is a child, he deserves to be mocked until he dies, and then mocked at his funeral and forevermore


It make as much sense as his responses during briefings.


As crappy as our reality is now, as the tech for deep fakes improves, we are barreling toward a really interesting future.

That said, this was amusing.


So, the one in the Kimmel video has a Kimmel watermark, but I don’t see it on the twitter version. Does that mean that Kimmel “stole” this video? Just curious.

Otherwise, damn funny AND accurate!

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(and disturbing)

Roger that

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Huh, I guess I was wrong. Trump doesn’t look like a baby. He looks like something stranger and more grotesque. Putting his face on a baby’s head makes him look more like a normal adult, ironically.


At least they finally got the hands right.


It doesn’t look “incredible” or “disturbing” or even that much like trump to me. Keep working on it, deep fakers.


It’s worth watching the entire Kimmel monologue that provides the context for this deep fake trolling of the “boss baby”. Another 1600 Americans dead yesterday and Trump is busy picking fights with a late-night host? Can you imagine what the Fox bobble-heads would be saying if Hillary was President? They’d be apoplectic.

If Trump wins a second term, I’m hoping Canada (where I live) seals the border permanently. Because if you good people can’t purge this cancer on human decency, all hope is lost,


That there is Aphex Twin nightmare level stuff.

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Unless I know the password, right?

Can you pm me the password?

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Just like during the Vietnam War, you can still take refuge here.

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