Hitler coffee creamer




The slip-up occurred when an outside company called Karo Shipping GmbH
asked Swiss dairy supplier and Migros subsidiary ELSA to provide 55
different creamer labels that used images from vintage cigar boxes.

It actually sounds like an honest-ish mistake on the part of the cafe, but WTF was the supplier thinking? I mean, if this were a Chinese company I could maybe see them not understanding the unsuitability of this, but a Swiss company?


Are these reproductions of actual historic cigar bands or are they new designs?


I could see someone outsourcing the graphics work to someone in India or similar. but how on Earth did this not get caught?
“Sir, the new creamer package designs are done and have been submitted for approval.”
“Yeah, I saw a couple. I’m sure they’re fine or whatever.”


These wine bottles are reportedly sold in Italy, so Hitler coffee creamer is not as unbelievable as it may sound at first:


I’ll put the kettle on.

Huffing Boing Boing


Well, apparently it is a reproduction of an authentic period Cuban cigar band. http://germaniainternational.com/hitler12.html


Seriously, everybody knows that Hitler’s image belongs on K-cups, not creamer.


Why “wieder schon”? Have they done this before?


Takin’ a hit off the ol’ Hitler.


[Spit-take] “Why is this coffee so bitter?


It has this weird interaction with brownies. Here, have some white bread.


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