Holy crap, Samantha Bee's Full Frontal is *awesome*


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I wonder if the show’s producers had to pay off the trademark holders for the Australian sketch comedy show for the name.


Canadian exceptionalism?

(I do like the show.)


I wanted to watch this yesterday, but no joy streaming it from the TBS website, you need a TV cable account. And they don’t seem as keen as HBO to show you much of the programme on YT. I’d have happily watched any adverts they put in the stream.

I will be resubscribing to HBO’s standalone streaming service for John Oliver’s new series (amongst other things), but this one just isn’t accessible to me. Pity, I wanted to watch it.

(fair enough, I guess - it is a cable show, but disappointing)


Chimps huh? Sounds about right.


I have to agree–I had the same feeling that I had watching the first episode of the Colbert Report–that this was the start of something great. I mean, I had expectations that this would be good–she’s smart, funny, and clearly learned a lot from her time on the Daily Show, but she hit it out of the park on her first go. (By comparison, Trevor Noah seems to still be struggling a bit to find his groove).


Sam Bee + John Oliver + Stephen Colbert - man, TDS is an incubator for greatness like old-school SNL was…


I want to see it too. It looks like the first episode is available for $1.99 through Amazon Prime.


Don’t you mean watching chimps from behind a ‘blind’?

I liked the first show, but… once a week? Oh boy another John Oliver in the making. Need more asap!
Starting out in a election year, especially this election year should make for some good nyuk nyuks.
The entire R field is comedy gold. Even Bernie is gold (recall the Bernie plays the bongos bit?). Clinton, well add in Bill’s backstory and pass the popcorn.


It bummed me out and slightly pissed me off that Samantha Bee wasn’t named the new Daily Show anchor. I’m quite pleased that her solo show is hitting it out of the park.


I think she had already signed for her own show before that decision was made.


I haven’t seen the show just yet, but since the early days of the Daily Show she was always incredibly funny, witty and wonderful (same can be said for her husband Jason Jones who was also in the Daily Show and was just as funny, and i loved the bits when they played off against each other).

So far i’ve heard great things about her show and i wish her the best. Looking forward to enjoying it.


Don’t be jealous, we share our poutine!


Cheese curd goes a long way. You folks built that spiffy robot arm that was on the space shuttles too, so there’s that.


Well, for some reason Americans find Canadian comedians really funny. It’s been going on for a long time.

It’s good, as our oil exports have now become worthless. At least we have a nearly bottomless and rich vein of sarcasm and snarkiness to export for your suddenly expensive dollars.


Oh, yeah, we find the whole idea of Canada hilarious, really. Eh? Committing to the joke for so long is the sign of true professionalism!


My Latin is rusty, but isn’t Bee an “alumna” and not an “alumnus”? Sorry to be so nit-picky.


Don’t forget Steve Carell.


Just watched the first episode on On Demand. Fabulous! Harkens back to early days of the Daily Show. Too bad its only on once per week. Maybe once everyone finds it, she can increase frequency.


Why would an anthropologist be watching chimps?