Samantha Bee tears apart Trump's third debate performance

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The whole episode is fantastic. After she gets done ripping Trump a new asshole, she moves on to the clusterfuck that is our often-monopolistic Catholic-Church-backed hospital system.


Is there someplace that streams her show? I’m a cable cutter, and I just see clips on youtube.


They’re not single videos, but the Full Frontal YouTube channel has playlists for several episodes, including last night’s, which do appear to contain all of each show’s content as per-block video clips.

(I don’t watch the show on cable either.)


Her analysis is indeed spot on, but her delivery is just juiceless! She’s so smart, but she could really use some lessons in comedic timing.

I think she is the best of the comedy news politics hosts.


Oliver is real funny, but I like SB’s delivery better.


Sam Bee has been the sole bright spot of this round of American elections. I can’t recall seeing a media personality so able to take their rage and disgust and focus it like a laser during my life time. Even Jon Stewart’s anger during his prime was muted by his great sadness that America isn’t what he always believed it to be,


Was in agreement with everything she was saying. Then she immediately lost all her credibility (in my eyes) by how she closed the segment with the designed-to-be-plausibly-deniable incitement to violence.

C’mon media, you ought to be better than that.

I’m not seeing it. Can you explain?


…and on re-watching, I need to recant that complaint.

The quote I was referring to was this one:

“If you leave loaded handguns lying around the house, it’s only a matter of time before a 4 year old picks one up and pulls the trigger.”

With the screen behind Samantha switching to show Trump as she said “4 year old”.

But on my first viewing, I had thought the screen had switched to show Trump when she said “pulls the trigger”. I guess I must not have been watching very closely, and jumped to conclusions. Weird how changing the timing of the visual aid by only a second or two completely changes the meaning of that sentence.


That’s kinda why I liked Stewart. (Oliver and Bee don’t do much for me, much as I like what they have to say). He had an ambivalence ranging from mute and deadpan to effusive mocking (and more rarely, anger). For me, too much of the latter tends to water down the humor.

If the Christian Republicans can have Faux News, why cant Sensible Democrats have Bee News? Want Now: ADD TO CART!

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