Samantha Bee makes fun of Paul Ryan's Pussyghazi response


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Pussyghazi response

The saddest part of tRump’s rise is the deafening silence from most of the media world, thank Dog we have Samantha Bee, and the few like her.


I don’t know the media just lapped it all up.
But the real scandal is that Republicans are abandoning him now, because his campaign is in free fall, I bet if he was winning they would find some way to explain it.


That was pretty fantastic.


The Latino Lady was like every Mom from around where I live in San Diego, it’d gone to the mat if they were in person, guarantee it.


I can’t understand a word she says, with her thick accent. She’s Canadian, and as a foreigner has no place messing with our elections. That’s Russia’s job!*


  • Trump 2016!


Pussyghazi 2016 !


I’ve been looking for a podcast from Samantha, haven’t struck gold yet. If anyone knows of such, please point me in that direction…


Paul Ryan, where is your birth certificate??



This is the problem I have with all partisans. Once you place party above country, you get the last 100 years of politics in America.


I’m no Trevor Noah hater, but Samantha Bee should have been given the Daily Show.


I felt that Michael Moore’s latest letter about this was quite insightful. He basically says those Republicans that are jumping ship are in fact the ones responsible for creating the environment where a misogynist like Trump can thrive:

Even if Trump loses the election, there’s still plenty more “Trumps” in Congress that need to be excised.

While I can’t say I always agree with Moore’s message or methods, he’s entirely correct here here as far as I’m concerned.


She was amazing! The way she told that other woman to fuck off was simply inspired.


She’s a bit over the top for me, but with a sharper delivery than Noah. So, yeah, I think she would have been better. On the other hand, by having her own show, she got to do it the way she wants from the ground up. So maybe her being on her own show is better than if she’d gotten The Daily Show.


I think they are both excellent and bring very different perspectives. Same with John Oliver. We need more of these shows… :slight_smile:


Ana Navarro, one of the few women in the Republican party for whom I have some respect.

It bears re-posting again:

Get 'er, Ana.


It just occurred to me that:
Trevor Noah = South African
John Oliver = English
Samantha Bee = Canadian
i bet conservatives just LOVE that…

i’m glad liberals are open and inclusive and willing to judge ideas and people on their merit and value, we are all richer because of it.


Inclusiveness does not exist in Ryan’s world. Hence his blindingly white intern staff.

Come to think of it … Trump was talking about grabbing “white” pussy. I’d be willing to bet if he was talking about grabbing any other color variation Republicans wouldn’t have cared less.


Cared less, or more? Pardon my bias, but I think you’d have seen a lot more upset among Republicans about interracial pussy-grabbing. Sexual assault is regularly overlooked, but in conservative politics mingling gene pools is not the done thing to do…


As clearly demonstrated by the above photograph.

Can’t you just smell the toast coming from the break room?