Honda's new classic Super Cub motorscooter looks as good today as it did 60 years ago


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Go get one!


Not that it needed it mind you. Cubs are freaking bullet proof.

the engine is fed via Honda’s PGM fuel injection system

Well it was anyway. Still, $2600 for the most expensive version is appealing.


I’m digging the yellow color scheme!


And indestructible, too…



I would, if it could manage the hill out of town at more than 10mph.
They haven’t caught up with modern traffic speeds.


These are for the Japanese market so they are fine for our traffic speeds. As an FYI anyone with a regular driving license can drive a 50cc bike and the 50cc only license is super easy to get. The downside is the speed limit for 50cc bikes is 30km/h.


Yeah, even in their day, 50cc was woefully underpowered. I replaced mine with a much more capable Yamaha 80 fairly quickly. I see via YouTube that there is a similarly-styled 125cc coming out in 2018, which should handle traffic nicely, but all the videos seem to be in Asian languages, so it may never reach North America.

Still, I remember fondly the one brief period in my life when I was sort of cool.


When I was a kid, back in the 70’s I dreamed of owning a cub, there was a groovy chap up the street who rode one. When I finally got around to buying a bike, I skipped right up to the 750. I do not regret it.



I learned how to ride a motorcycle on a 90cc version back around 1970. We called it a ‘step-through’ 90 for obvious reasons.

I still remember just how thrilling it was riding helmetless (it was legal in those days) up and down Topanga Canyons (old and new canyons) at 45 mph while loaded to the gills on any number of psychedelics. It was heavenly.


You can’t outrun your problems, but being overtaken on our narrow roads by the growing number of US-sized SUVs while on a step through moped is a recipe for death.
I used to tell people that my Ducati in London was perfectly safe because by the time anything else at the junction [intersection] had started to move I was already well on the way to the next one. (I was taught Dr. Royce Creasey’s method of defensive riding which is basically "You see where the traffic is? Be somewhere else). Nowadays though that doesn’t work. I’ve been round Hanger Lane Gyratory twice in the last week (in a Toyota IQ, which is actually the best way to do it) and there’s no way I would try it on a bike even if I had my twenty year old reflexes back.


oh great, so after the inevitable collision they can reuse your motorcycle and your organs.


What’s the price on those? (answered above, disregard)

Selling any in the BB Store?

especially because I’d actually want the 50cc for my purposes!


All I’ve ever wanted was this in the American market. They released them in the early 80s for about 3 years as a Honda Passport, and occasionally you can find the old ones on craigslist but I’d love a modern, fully working model. They never release them here.


Now, if you’re escaping from zombies in your landmaster and want a Plan B in the trunk…


I get a strong impression that these will not be offered in the US market.


(Not the same model, I know.)


Pretty sure I saw one of these recently in Ipoh, Malaysia. It stood out because it was impeccably clean, and had been parked and locked carefully. I had a glance at the odometer. It had maybe 1000 km on the clock. Obviously somebody’s pride and joy.