Hong Kong's beleaguered chief exec says the extradition bill is "dead" but won't make it official

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There’s only one way this ends. China has tanks. The people of Hong Kong do not. The PRC won the greatest victory for fascist totalitarianism in the 20th century in Tiananmen, and they, at least, have not forgotten.


“We have no idea why the chief executive refuses to adopt the word withdraw,” he added.

Duh. He knows exactly why - because Beijing has not yet told her she can.

Exactly. The only question is when. It may be soon, it may be a very long way away, but eventually China will subsume HK into itself, and Red Army, PRC Police/Intelligence, etc. will be in charge.
Never, ever, underestimate China’s ability to play the long game. Never, ever underestimate its ability to act suddenly, swiftly, ruthlessly and openly where it sees an imperative need. (See the Uighers - where it is almost doing both.)
In HK’s case the Beijing calculator is heating up running the numbers on international reaction and, more importantly, on the impacts on HK’s economy, of early tanks across the border. The output will determine the timing.

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Rupert Dover is not the head of the Hong Kong police.

The head is the Commissioner, currently Stephen Lo.

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