Hoping to trigger Supreme Court revolution, Arkansas bans abortion

I have a feeling that this is the premise in your argument that most of the theocrats would abandon if they ever held it.

They would rather women die in childbirth than allow abortions of any kind, especially if you demand any kind of internal consistency from them.


The court has changed. It’s easy to count on the court being reasonable when it’s not your rights on the line.


I suspect that Roberts and Kavanaugh (and maybe even Barrett) would rather not overturn Roe whole cloth. Even Thomas and Alito might have an inkling that this would turn abortion from a great “get out the base” issue for conservatives, into a great “get out the base” issue for liberals. That is my reasoning as to why I doubt it will make it to the supreme court as well.


Again, I’m not a fan of betting my rights on the whims of a conservative court. We can’t count on them refusing the hear the case. And if it’s not this one, it will be another. It WILL get in front of this court sooner rather than later. And it’s a good bet that they strike it down. That’s been the goal of the Federalist society and anti-choice groups this whole time.

I’ll remind people that the case was decided on the right to privacy, so if RvW goes, than any and all privacy rights are up for grabs, too. People dismissing this as “so much noise” do well to remember that. The right to bodily autonomy for women might seem like a niche issue that doesn’t impact men, but it very much does. If I don’t have bodily autonomy, neither does anyone else in America, regardless of their ability to bear children.

This is a backdoor way of building a more authoritarian state that they can claim is constitutional.


This one is mostly performative, but it’s part of a larger onslaught against Roe v Wade. Once it’s struck down by a lower court they’ll come back with a slightly less draconian version, test that, and repeat until they’ve established a floor. Then they’ll work their way back up to their true goal.

The Xtianists in the base are suckers, but that doesn’t mean that the con men in the GOP don’t agree that controlling women’s bodies is a good thing. There’s a real motivation to deliver and we ignore it at our peril.


Thank you for the sentiment, but those of us who can afford to stay and fight need to do so. Believe me, you do not want Gilead as your southern neighbor.
But maybe if we could just come up for a little rest now and again, after we’re vaccinated…?


No. It’s not. Start believing these people. Please.


Which is exactly what I said in my comment:


It’s performative in the sense that he’s admitted it won’t pass Constitutional muster but he’s trying anyhow as a good Christian warrior.




I agree. This is especially true since every last one of them has demonstrated repeatedly that they value political expediency over any kind of judicial philosophy.

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You called it “performative”, and I’m disagreeing that it is. I think the people who passed this bill very much want it to be law. This law, not another, “less draconian” one.

You also say this

Which I disagree with. They know what they want, and they’re working to get it. And because people keep thinking these laws are “performative” or a distraction from “real” politics, they are getting away with it. This is the culmination of women’s rights being seen as an entirely negotiable portion of the Democratic agenda.


No. That’s not the thought exercise. He says:

(emphasis mine)

Of course, this kind of what if is not too far removed from the trolly problem or the bathtub problem, but I doubt most pro-forced-birth advocates have worked through these issues with any sincerity.


It’s too early to read this shit.

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The way he portrayed it, and I borked it, was that she could have carried the baby but would certainly die doing so.


And a message to the class reductionists on the left. This is the class war in action. Rich republican politicians and donors will pay to send their family members to other countries for abortions unspecified medical care, while working class women will have nowhere to go even in a medical emergency.

Stand in solidarity with your working class women/LGBTQ+/BIPOC allies, before there is no one left to stand in solidarity with you!


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That all depends on the judges assigned to hear it on the way through the system. They have the best shot in 75 years to seeing this through to SCOTUS and this is a court that’s been hand-picked to overturn RvW.

Even if SCOTUS rejects it, we can count on the fascist wing of the court to include detailed instructions for the next attempt in the dissent.


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I’ve tried this kind of argument with pro forced birthers.

Many pro-forced birthers would very quickly say: No, it’s still a sin. Science doesn’t know anything. You must trust in god to make things work out, or accept that he wanted the mother to die.

They would also say, if she had a heart condition, then she shouldn’t have had sex. It’s her fault that she’s going to die, and she shouldn’t have been such a filthy worthless whore.


But maybe if we could just up for a little rest now and again, after we’re vaccinated…?

Absolutely… :canada: :+1: