Hoping to trigger Supreme Court revolution, Arkansas bans abortion

The cynic in me leans towards there being a whole lot of incestuous rape going on that has to be covered up. But it’s probably just the same tolerance for cognitive dissonance that enables setting policy using one’s religious beliefs in general.

And also that it it right and proper that she submitted to her husband, whose desires are more important than her wellbeing.


Which brings back the “It’s not about protecting babies, it’s about controlling women” argument. Which is what it has always been about, let’s be honest. If they actually cared about babies, they would still care after the child is born. Which they manifestly do not.


The purpose of the English royal family is to be of service to authority by distracting from actual important issues. They are the circus. Well them and football.

Can confirm that extremist forced birthers do want mothers to die. They are very against women’s lives. Now I don’t think most voters are, and most voters can be won away from the extremists’ side with nuanced argument about actual real life harms. But the people driving this behind the scenes very much are not swayable with thought experiments or stories of real life harms. They are a feature to them, not a bug.

Source: political history in Ireland c.1980-2018. There was a lot of US funding for the extremist weirdos here. This was a lab for them to experiment in.


They would reply “It was God’s will…”


I mean… yeah? Piers Morgan’s tempertantrum was still funny…


And that’s the real reason, all along.


Are you Matt Gaetz or Jim Jordan??

The point of going the extra mile to outright declare to the world (and the court) they know it is unconstitutional, but are passing it anyway is a gauntlet being thrown down that they do not feel that they are bound by the constitution, and can ignore it at their whim. They feel the current court will back them on this one (because its abortion), and once the wedge is in the door that certain parts of the the constitution and precedent can be ignored, they can then feel free to ignore other parts of the constitution, such as due-process, separation of church and state, voting rights, etc.

Abortion is only the starting point of this. The goal is theocracy.


In addition, I think I read a while back that the SCOTUS is loathe to overturn earlier SCOTUS decisions without compelling new information/data/circumstances etc.


I guess the only thing to do is for all the higher courts to make sure the organizations that sponsored this legislation are required to pay court and lawyer fees for both sides, every time there is another appeal to a higher court.

These are terrible terrible people…


It goes quite a bit further than that. The anti-choice movement and religious right are constantly bombarded with stories of good Christian women who selflessly sacrifice themselves to bring a baby term.

Often times one where the woman “miraculously” survives despite sinister doctors telling them it’s impossible. Likewise when the fetus is basically doomed, women who knowingly go into a still birth. Up to and including celebrating tragic shit like Tay-Sachs.

The women and children who die are celebrated as Martyrs. The suffering as holy, and brining people closer to god. Beating the odds means a miracle.

Complete with false stories or details, exaggerations, and people’s personal tragedies used without their permission or knowledge.

They think it’s all a good thing.

Not surprising, but most of “stars” on this front are men. Spouses travelling around, telling the heroic story of a dead, or mysteriously absent wife.

For Jesus!


I grew up in christian dominionist churches.

This is really how it works out.

But people tend to give me funny looks and act like I’m some kind of weird conspiracy theorist when I talk about this kind of mentality christian evangelicals have.

“Oh they’re all jesus freaks. They’d never celebrate women dying in childbirth.”

Bro, these are the same people who shoot up and bomb planned parenthood clinics.


It is relatively clear that Thomas has no compunction whatsoever about violating stare decisis. The best you can hope for is that the rest of them do not share his view.


Okay… so he just boldly admitted to breaking his Oath of Office, on purpose.

Even if this has his intended effect, he still broke his Oath.


ACB has already made it clear she will ditch stare decisis the moment it inconveniences her.

Her first SC opinion directly contradicts her own prior opinions.

Because conservatives have literally no good faith positions. They couldn’t be honest with a gun to their head.


Roberts is hung up about the “legitimacy of the court”. That is at least a possible saving factor. We shouldn’t be relying on that.


I don’t know how anyone made it through the last 4 years with their assumptions about people being misinformed, unaware, or voting against their interest in tact.

It’s not that these people don’t know. Or even that they don’t care.

They think it’s good.


Unless the anti-choicers can make a case where banning abortion somehow benefits his beloved corporations he won’t vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“The cruelty is the point” should be the official motto of the GOP by now.


Seems like willfully doing something that’s unconstitutional should be ground for termination. I mean, come on, your job is to protect and defend the constitution…