Horrid mug looks like wool sweater

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Does it keep the drinks warm?


I asked for “tasses en verre”, but instead I got “tasses en vair”


Aaaaaaaahhhhhh…brain straining/eyes closing trying to remember that artist’s name…was she Swiss?..starts with an M? Is her last name a city ? Giving myself 24 hours before googling.

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Teeth and nails on [uuuugheaah] soft things like fabric [giiiiugh] are my nails on a chalk board. It literally makes me shudder and cringe and raises goosebumps just thinking abou… [ichhh] …t it.

People need to learn better ways to take their mitts off.

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The BBS crashed under load from the debate article traffic so one of the mods consolidated them. (I’m not a mod, I just got some 500s last night, and I thought the UI had plenty of indicators that this happened.)

How long till these show up in the BBStore at the unbelievable price of 90% off?


Just showed them to my gf. She thinks they’re great.

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Not as horrid or useless as this

I was given something similar a few years ago, couldn’t drink from it without soaking the cosy, couldn’t remove the cosy when ready to drink (without losing some of the contents).
Straight to the charity shop.


these things are everywhere

I think they are great too! It’s a Boston thing.

It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves the idea of snuggling up as a storm rolls in and chewing some … wait, what?

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Mostly? Her mother was. They had to move to Switzerland at the advent of WWI.

Oh very good–yes.

Jawohl. Im Rhineland.

Well done. You are so close.

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Ye gods, even just knitting in a small cutaway from the rim, where one would drink, would have been a good idea. Too twee for me.

I am not fond of drinking hot drinks from metal, even stainless steel, because I can taste the metal in every sip. Same problem with plastic. Not enjoyable. Ceramic, glass and porcelain are better. In winter, I sometimes have a glass-lined thermos flask full of hot tea, but my tea-drinking dad liked to use a small round electric heating pad.

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I used to have a cheap Chinese ceramic mug bought from a market in Hong Kong that had a lid, perfect for the job until I dropped it, basically though I drink tea when its ready to drink (and sometimes when bone cold).

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The Starbucks Sweater Mug has a smaller rim and the handle isn’t decorated. I prefer the horrid mug.

Horrider mug looks like ball of wool, with ‘amusing’ motto:

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