Horrific video of a dozen victims crushed by shipping container


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/26/horrific-video-of-a-dozen-vict.html


Blow on them and put them back in the box. No one will know.


Wonderful things?


Mostly Wonderful Things. In this case very wonderful.


It looks like once again the footage has been selectively edited in an event to hide the officer’s complicity in the tragedy.


That’s still a good donut, no? That donut will be fine.


Ah, the whimsy of the US police force, how it lightens the heart…


Groan. Adorable.


Fuck donuts! They hate me! We used to get along ok. They were so tasty. Then they started causing me massive acid reflux. I’m glad these donuts are all dead! Fuck donuts…damn, I miss being able to eat donuts. :disappointed:


Do you think he’d be less cut up if the box had contain, I dunno, less white donuts?


I should have known as I hesitated clicking the link.


Nothing will ever fill the holes this incident has left in so many lives.


Donut holes?


I think that those are the male of the species. :wink:


The horror… the horror…


it’s about ethics in police video production.

(or something like that, I have actually forgotten the proper wording, thank chulthu that trainwreck is out of my head!)


5 second rule


(choke) there’s glaze everywhere…


Please, Boing-Boing, stop clickbaiting.


5 minute rule when it comes to donuts. I have no shame.