Sheriff's deputy resigns after dragging mentally ill woman down stairs–and is hired by the next county over

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So it’s basically confirmed the entirety of the Holmes County Sheriff department are brutal, abusive bastards. Great!

But hey, I’m sure some of the “good cops” are going to protest this and get that guy fired, right?




It sounds like the sheriff from Holmes county got to hire exactly the sort of officer he was looking for.



That’s telling. Presumably the victim or anyone who might have spoken up for the victim felt there was no point in doing so. And if they lived one county over they’d have been right.


See how the body cam really was a game changer?

Actually it is. Because while it won’t prevent these types of people from behaving this way…it does give us irrefutable proof when they do!


“Ryan Peterman”, nuff said…

That simple fact is very hard to get my head around. I can’t imagine the kind of power trip you’d have to be on before you start to think that way.

Please stop making gifs of real humans being horrendously mistreated by other real humans. Seeing these images in this way normalises psychopathic behaviour. Images have an effect on our perception of reality and such giffy images of inhumanity drag it into the sphere of a joke. Not good.

Just as presumably you would not endorse The Sun’s ubiquitous page 3 girl because it sexualises the naked female body in a degrading because objectifying way.

Unless you have explicit permission from the subject of the video, in this case the abused woman and in a recent case on boing boing, a homeless man being treated like a monkey, you as a responsible journalistic entity should just not contribute to making these images part of the visual fabric of our universe along with cute cats and pluto. Just don’t.

Please discuss at next Board meeting. Ta.


Thank you. I was considering saying it, but after being ignored last time I figured they didn’t care. At least this time the headline isn’t gawking at the spectacle, asking you to come watch the police brutality for fun and laughs.


Seeing these images in this way normalises psychopathic behaviour. [Emphasis mine]

Do you have any data to back up that claim?

I feel that reading the headline, or sharing that headline with people, really is just something to gloss over. “Oh, another case of police abuse.” scroll scroll But seeing the image of a human treating another human like an animal does what it seems it should - it makes you uncomfortable…enough so to complain. It makes most people uncomfortable, and becomes a dark underside of social conversation. “Did you see that cop pull the woman down stairs?” shudder shudder

There are high amounts of doubt inside of me that most anyone that reads BoingBoing, or the people they share these stories with, view these actions as a joke.


The second comment, before it was deleted, commented that it was like watching a bumfight because the woman was “psychotic”.

There needs to be serious discussion about sharing these images on the internet, especially in cases of police brutality and especially when it’s done without the permission of the victims and ESPECIALLY when marginalized groups are involved. More often then not it’s just adding to the hurt and humiliation of people who were attacked, as well as terrorizing others. If you need to gawk at the images of people being hurt in order to pretend to care, chances are you’re not going to care anyway, and just want to see them for fun.


I absolutely disagree, and resent the framing of your statement as another attempt to skew opposition to your viewpoint as unworthy of consideration. There is no need to stoop to ad hominem.


The terrorizing others bit is not some ‘attempt to skew’, but is outright truth here, and its done unintentionally. This is most often done with black victims of violence, where their abuse or dead bodies are plastered up on websites without a care, by people who want to chatter about how awful it is without actually doing anything or considering how they’re hurting others.

It’s important to share these stories, but it needs to be stopped do we REALLY need to share these images and videos? Was boingboing in the right when it had the story with the headline “WATCH: Florida cop treating handcuff homeless man like hungry zoo animal” ? Are you REALLY going to claim that the headline wasn’t suggesting the “come in and gawk” ?

“Pics or it didn’t happen.”

In the age of video, words are somewhat less credible on their own.


there is a BIG difference between documentary images and a gif.

One is a set of still frames, the other is a set of still frames set to a loop.
I don’t see much of difference.

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Wayne County? Pheww, Ohio.

Note to self, continue to stay dafuq out of Ohio. Worst drivers in Michigan.


So, when are we going to get Federal preemption of state/local police forces, and then get a nationwide database of cops that are “off limits” for police work due to conduct, infractions, etc.? Oh, never? Darn it.


Considering that the majority population of Holmes County Ohio is Amish, this could get . . . interesting . . .