Hot Cheetos Thanksgiving Turkey


This is the so American.


I’d rather have a really good Asian inspired spicy turkey or literally anything else over cheetos. And i do love me some flaming hot cheetos… i just have no desire to add it to anything.


Reminds me of an un-clean Cheetos joke. I’ll spare you visual it provides. I’m disturbed by the bird but chuckling at the joke.



Throw a couple slices of American ‘Cheese™®’ on top and then maybe (NOT)


Funyun turkey - that needs to happen.


Thanksgiving’s coming up - give it a shot!

Be the change you want in the world. :slight_smile:

And report back. I’m curious too. I might try this with nacho doritos and a cornish hen.




Funyun? Pfft, why beat around the bush. Pork-rind coating. Why only clog half your arteries when you can clog them all?


Nah, I use one every year and my turkey skin does just fine. Coating it well with olive oil or butter gives me a nice browned crispy skin. I will not, however, be attempting Cheetos. Mr. Bells made rice krispy treats out of cheetos once, though, so I’m going to try to keep him off the internet for a bit.


I love the oven bags. I think they work great and give me a nice juicy turkey. Do not EVER use one with a Butterball turkey though. They inject so much liquid into those that if you use a bag you end up with turkey mush. Ask me how I know.


I don’t like plastic, not only because of the high possibility of unknown health risks when used for cooking, and extreme plastic contamination of the environment in my area, but also because I hate funding oil companies that openly use my money to override my voice in representative government.

When I do occasionally buy things intended to be cooked in bags I cut the bags off and cook the things on the stove, or microwave them in glass kitchenware. Pretty hard to do with a turkey, though! So I use my mom’s electric turkey cooker.


The cooking of food products directly in plastic weirds me out, especially plastic bags. Its known that even plastics that do not leech BPA still do leech other chemicals into food. If i can i prefer to go with ceramic or glass


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