Hotel safes are easily opened with a screwdriver and a paper clip


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Too bad there wasn’t a microphone and a second set of hands in the safe… to help make a bearable video.


…and a friggin’ light source!


Didn’t watch video, but I assume it was at least in landscape? :wink:


I think he cropped portrait. He added a blue bar to one side with the logo of the channel.


Since it’s already pedant party over here:

It’s ‘voila’. Voilà if you must.

A viola:


I’m so used to seeing that spelling that I didn’t even notice. :frowning:


Came here to post this. Cracks me up every time someone does that, which is more frequent than one would think.


methinks you got Whooshed.


As in “that misspelling is a clever inside joke and quite intentional”? Tell me more.


Well, maybe more common among musicians, but as far back as 19[redacted] when I was in high school we’d deliberately write “viola” for cliche’d effect.

As an aside, violists are the butt of more jokes in an orchestra than any other instrument – of course orchestras don’t have accordions.


More than the Tuba? Or the poor guy who has to wait half an hour in silence to strike a triangle or those fairy-magic chime things precisely once at precisely the right moment? I had no idea.

I doubt your musician inside joke is the reason for most voila/viola mixups out there, though.


Can verify, tuba players got a lot of shit.


“nuts and/or screws or whatever you want to call them”



Another one


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