House agrees to fund September 11th Victims Compensation Fund until 2090, one day after Jon Stewart's emotional plea

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Bill would extend fund expiration to 2090, no specific amount, whatever funds needed.


Funding killed in the Senate in





A charismatic celebrity having to tow the attention of news cameras into congress to get them to fund a no-duh health bill is the national-level equivalent of cancer patients hoping they are charming enough that their gofundme campaigns will save their lives. Fuck you, USA you billionaire sloptrough


And if Mitch lets it even go to vote, and if, miraculously, it passes, expect President Biff to veto.


Worth noting that after a pro-forma response from those who were there that there was support for renewal, Stewart reminded them that an earlier renewal once got killed because a “certain someone” killed the legislation it was bundled with because their pet project wasn’t handled in that legislation. *

*(paraphrasing a bit here as I can’t be bothered to look the whole thing up)


I feel that george carlin got the measure of jon stewart way back when…


Franken out, Stewart in. I’m okay with this.


Yes, and 80% of us are thrilled about that. We’ve gone free market, late-term capitalist dystopia for far too long, and it’s wearing thin.


But will Yertle allow it to come to a vote in the Senate? Enquiring minds want to know!


I remember Chris Rock commenting on Robin William’s suicide, saying that every comedian knows comedians who killed themselves because 85% of the job is just noticing things, and there are a lot of bad things to notice. I think at some point people hit a wall and they just can’t joke about how bad it is anymore because it’s not funny (see Nanette by Hannah Gadsby for a great example).

It’s always been the prerogative of the fool to tell the truth that no one else is allowed to tell.


Too true, though only of certain (especially smart) fools. Many others merely laugh all the way to the bank. While sometimes spouting anti-vax lunacy and such.


Don’t worry, us socialists will pick America up and help it walk down the road to socialism.

We don’t just let our friends fall over.


Oh dear, is funding healthcare for first responders “socialism” now?

Gosh! Thank you for the warning, Mr Canadian! Good to know that helping heroes is another thing morons can slap that stupid label onto.


compensating people who work for the people, and rushed in to save lives after a major disaster like 9/11 is socialism? Are you suggesting that we let them die of cancer and their families get thrown out on the street?


At the very least, it’s workman’s comp.


Workman’s COMP!!! You commie!!! I bet you have a framed pictures of Stalin in your house, don’t you!!! /s

Seriously, I don’t see how everyone can’t get behind this, whatever one’s political views. This is a no brainer. This is compensating people who showed up right after the first plane hit the building, and in some cases, stuck around for months afterwards for the clean up.


It’s a lot of money for people who aren’t in a position to confer favours on the people who vote for it. Bad press passes after a time and the public can’t keep track of the odious act of the day.

There are people all over the country who deserve things they can’t get. People who work their butts off for their children but can’t earn enough for a decent living because minimum wage is too low. People who are very careful about their personal environmental impact but still get asthma because their lawmakers can’t be bothered to pass basic laws protect air quality etc.

The no-brainer policy ideas have always been there but that’s only if you think legislators work for the people who elected them.

Did I say that this is the only thing we should do with regards to public policy? We all deserve a social safety net that works. In this case, these jingoistic assholes can’t even support people who literally dived in the safe lives the moment a horrific terrorist attack happened - one on which every single one of these people campaigned on.

This says NOTHING about other policies we should pass. I’m talking about this particular one. If this had not been a terrorist attack, but a major hurricane or a volcano, or some other disaster, I’d say the same thing, not because it’s the patriotic BS thing to say, but because these are people who work for the public and in this case acted in the best interest of the public. Full stop.


Geez, I’m not suggesting you’re wrong in any way. No need to come out of the gate swinging. I’m just really jaded at this point in believing that anyone would pass anything just because it’s good policy. I’d have no hope at all for this one if Jon Stewart hadn’t gotten it all over the internet.

“Everybody likes this”

Everybody? What about the oligarchs.”

“Well it puts a penny somewhere other than in their pocket, so they don’t love it.”

“No deal then!”