House for sale in Arizona


It’s on about 20 acres of land…


I think it needs more kitty decorations.


One wonders what has become of the inhabitants.


Lot Features: Wire Fence

Damn useless for cats.


Can anyone else smell it? I can…


MOAR Kitties!


That’s the t. gondii making you think you smell it.

(i’m sorry if that’s too creepy, it’s a pretty creepy thought)


What about big cats?

Also, I’m very curious to know what that warning sign says.


Do you mean the interior decor? Clear as the Arizona sky.


Ah, but it looks like the inside was very useful for kitties at one time.


When in doubt, go Full Flehmen.


I know, right? Tons of things for them to climb on, lounge on, etc.


I like the term “Contemporary eccentric”.


Sure can. It’s awfully hard to ignore.


I have to say, in the case of this house, it’s quite apt and descriptive!



By way of contrast - kitteh friendly and rather tasteful:

(Come to think of it, wasn’t this up on BB once?)

Our homes are designed for stuff, making them unsuitable for people
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