House passes $8.3B coronavirus bill in bipartisan vote, Senate vote expected Thursday

Hoof Hearted shoe brand, if I’m not mistaken.


Expensive barn door after all the horses have bolted.


Came to say this - you beat me to it. Trumpty-Dumpty will certainly redirect any spare change to The Wall, given half a chance.

Shitting? :wink:

Then there’s asshats like this one from Indianapolis. - Gary Varvel


Just wow. So many levels of stupid.


If he does block it, he’s going down in history as the Grim Reaper for sure.

Or a Trump hotel or condominium?

I mean… where’s the lie?

And why would he spend money on a nothing? He told them to speed up a vaccine, what more needs to be done? We stopped people from China, it’s not here. Ignore the 11+ dead.

Next week’s headline: President Trump Diverts 8.3B Coronavirus Fund To Building Border Wall.

And government business goes on as usual.

It would cover about 250,000 families for one year of coverage at current rates. Fewer families next year of course. Healthcare insurance costs are out of control.

The Senate will actually vote on something?

A succinct and evergreen description of Trumpkins.

Chuck Todd sounds a bit nasal and sick today, wonder if he will be the first host to get pundits sick live on air.

The senate passed it 96 - 1. Guess who voted “no”.

Rand Paul

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He probably thinks of it as a foreign disease, and wishes to punish foreign states for their carelessness.


That’s all it’s been doing for the last 4 years…

So much shit.

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