House Speaker Johnson argues against democracy, advocating for a republic based on Bible (video)

Originally published at: Johnson's Crusade Against Democracy, Calls for 'Biblical' Governance


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Another goofball who was asleep in elementary school civics. We are a federated republic. And what part of the bible does he mean? Slavery? Raping slaves? Incest?


Thank the Lord we have a “constitutional republic,” Johnson says. “The founders set that up because they followed the biblical admonition on what a civil society is supposed to look like.”

It’s like there people completely ignored all of the various secular governments leading up to the Formation of the US that the Founding Fathers drew from.

Also, the US is sometimes a straight democracy. If you have ever voted for like a sales tax hike, or change to the state constitution, then you have participated in a democracy.


No, actually, he isn’t correct. We don’t live is a pure, or direct, democracy. Our form of government is a representative democracy. It’s still a form of democracy. Stop letting these fuckers define these terms. They’re wrong. Period. We do live in a democracy. Telling the people we don’t is an effective way to convince people to stop voting. Cut it out.

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I really hate bible thumpers.


A typical GOP official, deeply hostile to and willfully/performatively ignorant of the institution he’s supposed to lead.


Here’s a good video of where this “We’re not a democracy” nonsense comes from. Spoiler: it’s the Heritage Foundation.


I think his answer would probably be “yes” to that question.

::sighs:: Why am I not surprised. it’s like a MRSA infection that just keeps coming back, unless you root out every last trace of it.


He spelled “theocracy” wrong.


Again, no. He knows basic civics perfectly well. He does not BELIEVE in it, however, and wants a Christian theocracy, not any kind of democracy.

These people are showing us who they are. Start believing them.

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Also, let’s remember that people fought and died to ensure that the vote was accessible to everyone.

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He did. He knows that he can’t say that outloud…


It seems like a very jesus-with-american-characteristics thing to be arguing that a republic is a biblical form of government while democracy specifically is not.

If you are reading the bible for specific governancing advice it’s pretty tricky to find much pro-republic stuff in there; and if you are reading it as largely unconcerned with the operators of temporal power because kingdoms of this world are a dangerous distraction then you won’t find much reason to prefer one form of government(on specifically scriptural grounds) to another.


There is a case to be made the US isn’t a democracy – not because a democratic republic is somehow a contradiction in terms, but because the government has been shown to respond to oligarchic rather than popular interests. It’s not really how it’s supposed to work though…

Anyway, today I learned that despite being a pagan, Polybius made it into the bible. Good work, buddy!


I wouldn’t be shocked if the “we don’t live in a democracy” catch-phrase tracks back to the usual suspects.


As well as all the Founding Fathers saying, quite explicitly, that USA is not a Christian nation, and very much not “founded on biblical admonition of what the civil society is supposed to look like.”


I think some of it is also more basic. The right has been trying to equate the Democratic Party with being all things bad, and one thing making that difficult is the association of the word democracy with all things good in terms of governance philosophies. So they don’t want people saying “the US is a democracy” or “It’s our duty to defend democracy anywhere in the world” or whatever. They want a more pure and complete association in the public’s mind of ‘Democrat’ with ‘bad’. And, conversely, it’s why they say, “We’re a republic.” They similarly want people to associate the word ‘republic’ with good things, and along with it, Republicans.


Which Bible? the ones the Catholics use? How about the ones the Eastern Orthodox use? Maybe The Living Bible? The Boomer Bible?


The one he uses and the one favored by his particular view of the world… I don’t know what that is, but that’s the one.

And of course, once they have their theocracy, they will ban other forms of Christian worship and force everyone to abide by their theology…

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Yet. But they are working on that. Gilead does not have to be, but it will be unless we vote the fuckers out.


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