Idiot Roy Moore spokesperson left utterly speechless when Jake Tapper teaches him about the Bible in Congress


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Quaker politicians and witnesses typically don’t swear oaths at all. This is based on the principle that telling the truth and keeping promises should not be saved for special occasions.

Of course, Richard Nixon swore his oath of office on a bible despite being a Quaker. In retrospect, that should’ve been a tip-off.


Hee hee hee hee…


"…; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.’–US Constitution.

Edited to add…Which Ironically, is what he was swearing to uphold and defend when he was putting his hand on the bible.


I think this encapsulates alot of the problem we “educated elites” have with people like this. They seem ignorant of things we take for granted. Now, if he had said, “we think the law should be that you can only swear legally on a Christian Bible” - then at least his position makes sense. But how can you be in this position as a spokesperson (or a candidate) and not know that it isn’t the law in fact. I think we give too much credit to some, assuming they are making devious round-about arguments to get around laws and rules just to promote their agendas (and some are), but I think the majority of voters just don’t realize there is another way and that there are other view points.


yeah - it is sort of the entire reasons for the founding of this country. but what do I know, I just went to school.


It’s like watching a Westworld robot read its own source code. For a minute I thought Tapper had bricked the thing.


They should like this clause. Passing tests of any sort was never their strong suit in school.


This would be the book I’d be sworn in on…

I'd Swear On That

The guy not knowing about the rules on Congress is embarrassing.

Maybe hire a spokesperson who can actually speak, though. Being caught ignorant isn’t nearly as embarrassing as being caught straight up dumbfounded.


See I can’t help but wonder if Alabama has been flouting the Constitution for so long that even their elected officials no longer know there’s anything in it that doesn’t pertain to guns… that thousand mile stare though. Goodness!


I’ll repeat my joke from Facebook:

“It looks like Old Hoss took one too many hits playing for the Crimson Tide.”


amen my brother from another whiskey mother.


Quakers affirm instead of swear.


That’s what they call a Republican Fly Trap:




After I got off the floor where I was rolling and howling in laughter at the poor ignorant mouth breather I realized that it’s not very nice of me to get pleasure from someone else’s misfortune. That gap-jawed “Huh, What You talkin bout” stare will haunt goober for the rest of his life. Poor dope was so out of his league. How the hell did tapper keep a straight face?


Thanks for the laugh! I needed it today.


What could possibly go wrong with an Old Fashioned?


That is what I have been teaching my kid. “We don’t promise anything”. Promising to do something implies that when you just say you will there is no weight to your statement.