How 2001: A Space Odyssey beat NASA into space

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A thousand dollar book? What the hell is a thousand-dollar book? For a thousand dollars, it damn well better have the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone. And I don’t mean Harry goddam Potter.


Don’t worry, Taschen usually waits a bit then releases perfectly lovely normal-price illustrated books with pretty much the same content as the ridiculous edition. I believe the absurd size / price books are a ploy to get free publicity, and an effective one at that.


It’s like the guys in Foucault’s Pendulum, but less hilarious.

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Sanely priced $60 edition on pre-order.

The $1000 edition was for Tom Hanks. He bought the entire run to use as the backdrop to his personal model of the Discovery and personally fitted coloured spacesuit.


First Edition Book of Mormons regularly fetch north of $20,000.

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That’s cheap for golden plates!


Man! I would love a poster of that cut away art of the Discovery One.

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My guess is that the cockpit displays in 2001 were the first ever depiction of a graphical user interface.

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