How a country slides into despotism, the 1946 short film version


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Yeah, time to haul out the good oldies. It’s also available on


well according to that we are fucked aren’t we.


I wonder if the old UN will go sit on it’s hands elsewhere soon?


I wonder if we can judge America on a sliding scale?


You didn’t have to get very far into the “respect” portion of the film to know that!


In 1946, the Pledge of Allegiance was not “under God.”


I noticed that too! It was added in 1954 because Communism.


The boss cackle at 3:20 was well done. I always listen for that cackle when interviewing for a job. Also, any laughs that start with the letter “M.”


I’m not quite sure what 1 basket of deplorables converts to on the respect scale.


I have to say, from reading conservative boards and Twitter people, they would probably watch this video and reply “Yes! This is exactly why we had to vote against Hillary!”


Indeed, like here locally in the thread, 3 hour old accounts with only one post by a cognitive dissonant apologists defending a thin-skinned unrespectful fraudulent oligarch who does and says as he is pleased, and soon to be the biggest next 4 years’ legally enabled kleptocrat. Just wow, really wish it’s only intarwebs trolling. Such interesting times we live in.


I love the narrator introducing the on camera “expert” on despotism, who just happens to sound exactly like the narrator… :smirk:


by this measure , we are soooo tripple plus un-good !!


Yeah, that was the same thought I had. If it weren’t for the “power” half of this thesis, it would be possible to argue it either way if you cherry-picked the right corner of the Unpleasant Web to look at. Because whatever noble principle you can think of – racial tolerance, kindness to animals, science – someone on the internet has found a way to be a massive flying asshole in its name.

In real life, of course there’s no ambiguity: it’s overwhelmingly shitheads like Turmp doing the disrespecting, and hoarding the power, to an extent that should be ringing all the alarm bells if this filmstrip is to be believed.

(though let’s bear in mind, this is a filmstrip that appears to be congratulating America of 1946 as the acme of respect and egalitarianism)


Not necessarily. It seemed to be warning that despotism can happen here. A number of examples, including the concentration of power by large factories, were specifically shown mapped to the US. It also mentioned that you can’t rely on the form of government to protect you from despotism, that it can happen in democratic republics.


Hear hear, yet I was amused at seeing how the editing shows cross burning and the crimes related to it as attuned with nazism, that should had been quite progressive for a 1946 filmstrip. And the bar is never on 100% democracy when showing the whole of America’s map as an innuendo calling for improvement. So partial kudos for the 1946 Brittanica.


I’d guess personal branding had been a thing always, heh.


If it wasn’t scripted by the producers it would be a very Trump thing to do.