Watch a bizarre Soviet animation short from the 60s

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It’s not Soviet because it was made in Hungary, not in the USSR.


I liked it! It has a very Edward Gorey-esque sensibility, especially how the person who murdered someone is themselves murdered, then their murderer is murdered, all the way down. You could easily attach a “Gashlycrumb Tinies” rhyming alphabet to the story.

There are English subtitles, by the way, which makes the ending not at all bizarre. It’s a great critique of social violence.


It was not made by Disney, so potatoes, patatas :smiley:

It might be a bit of a stretch to call it “a bizarre Soviet animation short”, but at the time, the Hungarian People’s Republic was a one-party socialist republic and it was governed by the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party, which was under the influence of the Soviet Union.


I’m old enough to remember that. I know that you were trying to be helpful.

Perhaps I should have corrected it to “bizarre Communist animation”.


Well that was different. It looks like Jules Feiffer went off his meds for a spell. :crazy_face:

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It is Hungarian animation, I think. It has an introduction in Hungarian language and, strangely, I think I have recognized the handwriting of one of animators - Csaba Szorády. He was one of artists behind the legendaryézga_Family

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Anyone else noticed how well this film was preserved? No scratches or dust on the negative. A good audio quality for the music and voice over. Just saying this is an obvious parody and not from 1966.

I am from 1966, and I’m extremely well preserved.

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