How a street artist pulled off a 50-building mural in Cairo's garbage-collector district


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This is almost as cool as last week!


I clicked through wondering if there would be a better view. It has aesthetic appeal, no doubt, but it seems to me it would be pretty hard to read as-is even in the Western alphabet. Then again…


so impressive!


dope. that’s a get-over. the planning, both in terms of physical execution and drafting it all out so the multiple perspectives are sized right, is AFAIK completely unprecedented.

I’m glad he got permission since it’s on people’s homes. I don’t know if this is still the current record, but compare with the world’s largest illegal piece by SABER in the LA riverbed:

it was buffed in 2009. to give scale, a person is approx. the size of one of these letters I’m typing in relation to the pic. pretty big, for illegal. the el Seed piece seems quite a lot bigger, though.

found the highest-rez on google:




seriously. that’s what really puts this over the top, besides the locale: it’s the planning and logistics. amazing.

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