How a tweet caused Twitter's stock to slump


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It’s like rain on your wedding day right? I’m doing this right?


“Twitter’s stock dropped $8bn in a single day, all thanks to a tweet.”

Fuck that. The numbers were the numbers, if the Street didn’t like them at 3:45 on Tuesday, they weren’t going to like them at 9:30 Wednesday morning. A little more volatility because the release was unexpected, but it’s absolute nonsense to say that the stock was killed because the info was released a few minutes too early.

Not sure you quite grasp the fundamental irrationality of the market.

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Meh, stocks go down 20%, especially high-growth companies like Twitter when they disappoint. Yelp’s down more than 20% this morning because they didn’t like their earnings report. Didn’t help them one bit that earnings came out when the markets were closed.

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