Twitter stock drops 20.5% a day after Facebook suffers worst one-day drop in history


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Stocks go up and down, that’s just the nature of ‘White Boy Crack Rock’*; but nevertheless:





YES. Die die die!


First facebook, now twitter. Could it be that the tech darling cool aid is finally wearing off?


500K Moose
500K Squirrel


Sure are an awful lot of Russians about.

Kind of makes me wonder what’s irresponsible about, well, all of it.

You have murder, and you have attempted murder. I’m not a legal expert, but I think that it is still illegal and possibly treason to invite a foreign power to intercede on behalf of a campaign, whether they succeed at it or not.

As for influence being nonexistent, I believe you are mistaken. Trump appears to love authoritarian regimes more than he likes our allies. And if admiration is not influence, what is?




Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. have taken over about half of traditional media advertising revenue. At current exponential rates, they will hit 100% in a few years. But the exponential growth will end much sooner, I guess at 70% or 80%, since there will still be TV, radio, print media for quite a while.

The valuation of these companies is based on continued exponential growth, which can’t happen.


In addition to fake accounts there is probably loads of legit users that have decided to quit it. To me Twitter nowadays looks like a tool for abuse of random people by random people and for current American president to issue his edicts. Also people do what they see other people do. Every second day there has been news by another minor celebrity quitting Twitter after being abused.


It’s all fun any games until our 401K is wiped out.


I know I’m feeding the troll, but I’m curious if they ever mention the many guilty pleas that have resulted from the “totally discredited” “monstrosity”?


Do tell! What charges did they plead guilty to? Was it subverting democracy? Collision with Rooskies? You’re probably too young to remember the impeachment of bill Clinton, which had nothing to do with Whitewater real estate deals, but lying about a BJ.




Based on a somewhat more knowledgeable opinion, Russian Influence did in fact hand the “Electoral College Victory” to Donald Trump:


You’re seriously citing James “Perjury” Clapper as a trustworthy source? Please.


You’re welcome. He is simply the one man in the entire government who was best positioned to understand the full extent of Russian influence on the 2016 election.

I guess your point is that if someone is ever charged with lying, nothing that person ever said on any subject can be trusted. Welcome to simple world. As far as I know Drumf himself has never been charged, but I’d trust James Clapper’s after-dinner belch to contain more valid information than any proclamation of his, any day of the week.


oh no facebook and twitter…NOT the two sites i hate the most! :scream:


My point is simply that known perjurers are not trustworthy sources. Leaders of the intelligence services have a long history of playing fast and loose with the truth, and are not trustworthy sources. End of point. I said nothing about Trump. That’s your own straw man.


I agree that it is a simple point. As far as intel heads being serial liars, strawman, meet strawman.