How America's paint industry escapes responsibility for lead poisoning


My old house is liberally slathered in lead paint, multiple coats everywhere. But my children do not have dangerous levels of lead in their bodies (I know, because I have them tested regularly). This is because I keep the paint in good condition and have carefully removed it from friction areas like steps and window sash.

Based on my own experiences, I’m betting the cheapest method to deal with the problem among the poor would be a taxpayer funded cleanup. It would cost us all less than the consequences of not doing it, would be cheaper than prosecuting giant corporations, and it’s frankly just not all that hard to do. Oh, wait, I guess blowing up brown people in foreign lands has priority.

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I’m currently watching out the front window, where the neighbor is attacking his front porch roof posts with an abrasive disk on an orbital sander. Great clouds of lead-paint dust are flying about, and there he stands in a t-shirt, sans dust mask/respirator. Coughing his fucking lungs out. Despite the fact that lead paint isn’t supposed to be removed by sanding, only by chemical peel, or preferably by covering in place. Brilliant.

Since he’s an adult, that amount of lead is unlikely to harm him. However, the particulate inhalation is doing him no good.

Keep your kids and pets indoors. Not only is there a lead hazard, there’s also an idiot with power tools out there!

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