How an engineer/public health whistleblower led the citizen scientists who busted Flint's water crisis

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If there is a “whistle blower” of the year award, they should get it and all its proceeds.


These guys/gals are more than that, national heros, national treasures. Should get whatever the highest presidential award is for non-combat civilian action.

Few things in this world destroy communities for generations like lead.


you mean the kill list ultimately approved by the US president?

(this was my first thought. I’m not really comfortable with my ever growing cynicism - kind of my relief valve looking at the state of the world)


I thought the whole presidential kill list jumped the proverbial shark when Obama joked - actually joked - about using drone strikes on anyone who dated his daughters & didnt treat them right / didn’t get them home on time.

I forget the joke, but I’ll never forget the horror.


Whatever Virginia Tech put in his curriculum should be fed to all the STEM students.

Rick Snyder really needs to be found criminally liable for this horror, with additional penalties for covering it up instead of trying to repair the damage.

It’s fantasy, but he should be jailed for life for what he did to those families.

Snowden and Manning have certainly enjoyed the proceeds of their courageous work

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When Marc Edwards was a young Virginia tech engineer,

That should be “Virginia Tech”, with a capital T. It’s the name of the school. It’s short for “The Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University”.

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