How anarchist organizers in rural Puerto Rico rebooted their power grid after the privatized power company abandoned them


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That’s cool. I wish them all the best.


now that they have electricity , they need sewage and giant toilet so they can flush down the turds in blue…

they might have to disguise the toilet as a church though.


I wonder how this project will be received by the authorities?


This is a nice contrast to these Randian cryptocurrency arseholes:



Straight up colonization. Fuck these assholes.


I would think part of the lesson here is:

  • If you’re going to do good, don’t call yourself an Anarchist. Call yourself a Christian Liberationist or something. It confuses the Man.

  • If you’re going to call yourself an Anarchist, go ahead and build some bombs.


Antifa? Seriously? Where did this come from? Who is telling the police to look for people fighting against fascism? Better yet, why aren’t the police helping fight fascism?


If they can do it, the rest of us can as well. Local generation and storage of power is a great way to strengthen the grid.


I am 100% in favor of Confusing the Man, but using leftist liberation theology hasn’t worked so well in Latin America in the past, mostly due to entrenched opposition from the Vatican itself (not to mention military opposition from the US via the School of the Americas, etc.)

Plus, I myself might make common cause with left religion in a pinch, but would be profoundly uncomfortable with it unless it were, say, Quakerly/nonhierarchical in nature. You can’t be an anarchist and think the Pope has a more specialler connection to god at the same time–or at least, I can’t reconcile the two.

If I really wanted to Confuse the Man, I’d start calling cooperative mutual aid “Bootstrapping”.


Leo Tolstoy would disagree with you.


I must be misinformed because this seems like the opposite of anarchy. How is it anything but socialism? People getting together and pooling resources to build infrastructure that benefits all of society is not what anarchy is supposed to be about. It’s like building a Starbucks and calling it punk rock.



Fascists have the coolest uniforms and the most opportunities for bashing in a few heads. Why would they want to fight that which they desire most?


Are there even any far-right white nationalist groups for Antifa to fight in Puerto Rico? It doesn’t seem like the island’s demographic makeup would be a great fit for Neo-Nazis or the KKK to get much of a foothold.


There are fascist Jews. What makes you think there wouldn’t be fascist Puerto Ricans? Also, quite a few Puerto Rican’s consider themselves white…

*the irrationality of fascist ideologies also allows them the flexibility to take root anywhere there exists a non-insignificant quantity of nationalists.


@the_borderer provided some good resources, but to sum it up, modern anarchist philosophy sprung from early socialist thought, so yeah, socialist AF. Philosophical anarchism has nothing to do with nihilism, and is certainly anti-capitalist.


As long as they’re on a solar kick, why not build one of those parabolic hot dog cookers and cook up some Long Pig when confronted by the boys in blue? /s


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