All of Puerto Rico loses power


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Incompetent contractors, especially those hired by unelected officials, seem to be a useful implement in the disaster capitalist’s toolbox.


Throw in the PMC’s “securing” things and yeah, Puerto Rico is looking exactly like where…other places are headed.


“Those plans include fully privatizing the ailing, debt-saddled Power Authority.”

I live near a town that had a major water main break because the private water company was only interested raking in the profits, and was putting as little into maintaining the infrastructure as they could get away with. Eventually it caught up to them.

I also worked at Verizon many years ago. Back in the “good old days” before divestiture, there was a built-in incentive to invest in the network. When the monopoly was broken (and the incentives went away) they were able to coast for years. But eventually the extra capacity was used up, and age and the elements took their toll. Now, the copper network is becoming unreliable and they are reluctant to fix it.

Privatization is no panacea.


Not all of Puerto Rico was without power. There were areas that had Tesla batteries powering them. Apparently, Elon Musk sent techs from all over the US to Puerto Rico to get more installed as quick as possible.


Well, not all. I’m sure the tax-dodging vultures flocking there have backup generators in their mansions. /s


Has tRump ordered the candles to be air dropped yet, with out wicks?


Because Elon is in serious need of a PR boost at the moment.


Uh, Cobra Energy? Dgrimm??? PLEASE tell me you’re making these names up!


Part of Evil Corp Global Holdings plc, presumably?


Right now, Puerto Rico is a test bed for what is to happen in the USA later.


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