Puerto Rico, abandoned by Trump and facing disaster capitalism looting by big business, turns to socialist and anarchist collectives to rebuild


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/20/the-breaking-point.html


tropical-flavored skittles

LOL what?





What do you want to bet these will all get shut down like rogue lemonade stands by government edict for being “unsafe, potentially hazardous, etc…” as soon as this story gains legs and gets noticed?

How dare anyone question the holy disaster capitalism?!?!?!? < /sarcasm>


“We’re not going to help you, but you can’t help yourself, either.”


It sounds like a good time for pirate radio community stations. I doubt the FCC will be there to shut them down too quickly.


Or in others words, Black Market.


What’s not to like? It seems like Puerto Rico is picking themselves up by their own bootstraps, albeit, the ‘wrong’ bootstraps.


Ah, the nice flavor of secession in the air. I like it.


After the dog’s breakfast that Trump and his fine friends made of aid to PR, I wouldn’t blame them for reassessing whether they are benefiting enough from their affiliation with the US.


Yes, but those bootstraps are only licensed to them by the 1%. If they’re pulling on those bootstraps without first paying the necessary fees, then they’re subverting the DRM and clearly want the terrorists to win and hate Christmas and, and, and, and… how DARE they!


The anarchists were on the ground doing their thing within a day of the hurricane’s passage. They did good work in Texas and Florida, too.




“Law enforcement intimidation also included aggressive questioning of our purpose there and whether or not we were protestors or Antifa, had we ever used the raised fist, if we were distributing propaganda, and if we were planning to overthrow the government.”

Man, talk about a reason to raise a fist…


JFC, that didn’t take long. WTF?!?


And by “didn’t take long”, I mean that happened four days ago. WTFis wrong with our gov’t? WTF is wrong with our law enforcement? WTF is wrong with us that we accept this? WTF is up with 2017?

…shakes rage-y fist in general direction of “out there”.

This holiday season, wouldn’t it be great if everyone who still gives a flying shit in the USA decided to give large sums of money to legitimate relief groups like this and other socially proactive groups (ACLU, NAACP, Planned Parenthood, EFF, MSF, WWF, The Sierra Club, etc…) instead of pouring it down the gullets of Amazon, Walmart, Target, and their ilk in exchange for tacky shit that will break long before its worthless warranty expires?


Oh, how I wished they tried this bullshit in Texas. Armed insurrection. in 3, 2, 1…


Yeah, dunno about that…

So far, I’ve seen folks with assault rifles only having the courage to take on unarmed bystanders.


This is the kind of deal that reveals the true avaricious stupidity and ignorance of these crony gangs. Seriously - if you were the intended beneficiary or face of such a ridiculous contract, you’d surely say “enough is enough”!

Pigs, gluttonous pigs, at the trough.